2013 Fundamentals Webinar: Trials and Tribulations - Expecting the Unexpected and Staying on Track in Trial in State or Federal Court

Sponsors: SBAND
Date: 1/8/2013 
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Trials are not for the feint of heart--but neither are they something to be feared. Every competent lawyer who is prepared and can keep both his overconfidence and his fears in check can successfully litigate in jury trials. The presentation will focus on presenting evidence to juries and judges and the three rules of successful trial litigation:

(1) be prepared;
(2) Never Panic; and
(3) Adjust to the ever-changing field of combat. Every case is different but two things are true in virtually every trial: someone will surprise you and how you react when surprised will determine the kind of success you will have in trial.

We will discuss in a general fashion how new lawyers can try cases like "old hands" and find success sooner. In this day and age when no one tries very many cases young lawyers are not all that much more inexperienced than most of the people they face in court. This program is designed to help you develop a strategy towards using everything you bring to the table in a way that increases the likelihood of success.

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Hon. Ralph Robert Erickson
One of two active U.S. District Judges in North Dakota, Ralph Erickson is a graduate of Jamestown College and the University of North Dakota School of Law. Following his graduation from Law School, Judge Erickson was in the private practice of law in West Fargo with a braod general trial practice. Prior to his appointment to the federal bench Erickson served as a state district judge, a judge of the county court, and a county court magistrate. While on the state bench he presided over civil, criminal and juvenile matters. He was the first judge of the Juvenile Drug Court in the East Central Judicail District. Erickson currently serves as Chief Judge for the District of North Dakota. He is a member of the State Bar Association of North Dakota the Cass County (ND) Bar Association. He and his wife Michele currently reside in Fargo, ND and have two school aged daughters.
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