Law-Related Education Committee

Promotes the legal system and its processes through education and outreach to the public within our schools and communities.

Committee Members



November 12, 2013

Members Present: Chair Dale Kadlec, Melissa Hauer, Jake Rodenbiker, Kristi Carlson, Bobbi Weiler, Denitsa Mavrona Heinrich, Brad Peterson.

Meeting called to order by Chair Kadlec at 10:01 a.m.

First order of business was a review of current Mission Statement. Committee members each had ideas. Consensus was to make changes necessary to broaden statement. ED Weiler and Chair Kadlec will work on it before the next meeting.

Next item of business was the programs the committee has sponsored or worked on in the past, and thoughts about going forward. Chair Kadlec explained these to the committee.

  • Graduating into an Adult World was updated this spring. Get updated version online and sent to members. Maybe update to include information on jury duty. SBAND will review and provide some thoughts to committee.
  • People’s Law School.  Discussed having this again in 2014 and some thoughts about it being Law Day week.  Maybe too busy for Big Muddy who already does a lot that week.  Covers high level topics and last time 1 in Bismarck and 1 in Fargo.  Staffed by Attorneys.  Well received.  Cost was the locations.  3 speakers per night for 5 nights.  Maybe discuss ideas for March meeting and hold this again in the Fall.  SBAND will find information and provide that to the committee.        
  • Current SBAND brochures. Will look at doing updates.
  • School Projects and may get word out on how Big Muddy (and Cass Co.) run their programs.
  • We the People. May be something else the committee works on.
Next meeting March 11, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.