Continuing Legal Education Committee

Develops topic ideas and monitor the production of the Association's CLE seminars.

Committee Members



February 13, 2014

Members absent: Kimberlee Hegvik, Stefanie Haarsager, Bradley Parrish, Krista Andrews, Tracy Gompf, Michael Hurly, Dwain Fagerlund, Grant Shaft, Rodger Mohagen, Kara Johnson, Christina Sambor, Bruce Quick

Members present: Peter Welte, Ted Sandberg, Matt Sagsveen, Rachel Bruner-Kaufman, Lynn Boughey, Robin Forward, Mark Foss

Staff Present: Tony Weiler, Carrie Molander

Action: Mark Foss moved approval of minutes. Second by Rachel Bruner-Kaufman. Motion Carried

Financial Statement

The committee reviewed the most current financial reports specific to Continuing Legal Education. The concept was discussed if we increased our revenues could we afford to bring in more national presenters

Action: Rachel Bruner-Kaufman moved to receive the financials. Seconded by Matt Sagsveen. Motion Carried.

Review of 2013 Attendance

The committee reviewed the attendance figures for each seminar. The committee stood by their decision to offer electronic brochures only. They discussed the possibility of having the same time & consistency of blast emails to inform members of CLE’s. It was suggested SBAND follow the Bismarck YMCA model which regularly emails members every Monday morning at 7 a.m.

Action: No action

Review of 2013 Seminar Evaluations

The committee reviewed the 2013 seminar evaluations.

Action: No action

Program Schedule for 2014

The following CLE programs and topics that were discussed:
  1. Agriculture IVN (October) – Peter Welte & Roger Minch will chair. Peter will contact Senators Heidi Heitkamp and John Hoeven to present on the Farm Bill.
  2. Free Ethics IVN (May) – Peter Welte will find someone to chair this IVN.
  3. Engineering Firm CLE – Tony Weiler will follow up on this CLE.
  4. Limited Scope Representation – Tony Weiler will follow up on this topic.
  5. Federal Discovery Rule Change (YLS webinar) – Rachel Bruner-Kaufmann will talk to YL section to possibly offer a webinar on the topic.
  6. Institute of Local Government seminars - Peter Welte & Tony Weiler will speak to the Association of Counties to partner with them offering these seminars.
  7. Kimberly Overton – Chief Resource Prosecutor, North Carolina, Conference of District Attorneys was recommended as a presenter by Matt Sagsveen.

Program Schedule for 2015

The following CLE programs and topics that were discussed:
  1. Business Law Seminar – Mark Foss will chair

Other Business

Action: The committee discussed holding a second CLE Committee during the 2014 Annual Meeting. Tony Weiler will let Peter Welte know if this is possible with the new format. Peter Welte will contact Carrie Molander to coordinate the next CLE Committee meeting date & time.

Motion to adjourn by Lynn Boughey. Seconded by Rachel Bruner-Kaufman. Motion Carried

Submitted by Tony J. Weiler and Carrie Molander